My name is Delilah Forde and I’ve volunteered to help distribute food for the homeless outreach. I’ve had a wonderful experience doing this. The first thing we do in outreach is make about 80 sandwiches for people who are hungry or homeless. After the sandwiches are made we put them in a bag with other things like juice, fruit, raisins etc. We then drive around to certain places that we know for sure there’s homeless people like a bottle redeeming site and distribute the food. Other places like the park we walk around asking people if they are hungry. Anyone who’s hungry we happily give them food.

I’ve felt more of a person by seeing smiles on peoples’ faces. One day when I was giving food to a women she stated, “God bless you. Thank you so much, you guys are wonderful people.” When she said this, I felt like she was very grateful for what we were doing. That brought joy to my heart because I’ve never seen someone so thankful for food.

Making cheese sandwiches to go out to homeless outreach


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